The new Orleans saints just mess up last year

The new orleans saints will win the NFC south get the NO.1 seed and a Superbowl first of all to the the panthers fans the panthers will not win NFC south there has been no repeat champ in 11 years and the Saint beat the panthers 31-13 in the super dome in Carolina they loss 14-17 because of a few thing its was raining and windy witch is bad a for a quarterback to play in. IF   Malcolm Jenkins didn’t miss that open sack that wood have end the game. There is one way to beat the panthers stop the pass rush and watch how they fall apart with there sorry secondary.reasons why the  panthers won’t win the NFC south 1.the WR core is weak  Tiquan Underwood has play for 4 teams in 5 years for a reason Kelvin Benjamin is more of a TE than a WR THE SAINTS Stanley Jean-Baptiste will have him on lock down.  Jerricho Cotchery knees are done. Jason avant is no.2 at best. 2. There secondary sucks its just sorry who do they got CB and SS, FS   Melvin White really he your best CB  Roman Harper use to be a beast with the saints when was young old boy got his starting job taking by a rookie Kenny vaccaro one of the best SS in the game . Thomas DeCoud come on man sorry.



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